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Veronica De La Cruz, an anchor for CNN, has the most amazing mouth full of teeth I think I've ever seen on a human being. There I was in the breakroom this afternoon getting a coff o' cuppee, and I happened to look up and there they were: Veronica De La Cruz's teeth. They're not unnaturally white; that's what makes them so amazing. When she smiles she reveals a set of teeth that look as though she's never had a cavity in her life; neither brown soda nor coffee nor tea has ever passed through her lips. In the dictionary next to "perfect set of teeth" is a picture of Veronica De La Cruz smiling brightly.

Her teeth are, in a word, fabulous. I wish my mouth was full of her teeth. I'm not kidding. When my teeth grow up they want to be Veronica De La Cruz's teeth.

The pictures I found on her 'unofficial' fan website really don't do her teeth justice. You have to see her on TV to appreciate what I'm talking about and I'd be willing to bet they're even more amazing in person.

More pictures can be found here: http://www.veronicadelacruz.com/about.html Somebody's got a serious fixation with the woman; which is fine, otherwise I'd have no picture to include here, now would I? Her bio is pretty cool -- she's a champion of homelessness. That's cool.
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