Ramona (ann15warsaw72) wrote,

Now it's officially official

More happiness!! As of today -- well, actually yesterday, June 2nd -- Glenn and I are now recognized by the State of Florida as being married!! Not that we were waiting for the state of Florida in order to feel like we're married. Uh-uh, no way, our wedding date is February 14th as far as Rev. Ric, God, Glenn, and I are concerned.

But now it's officially official. ^.^() The deal is sealed. I love Glenn with all my heart, and I am so happy! I keep looking at the piece of paper we have to send in (okay, yes, we have to mail it in yet and get it back from Tallahassee), because I love looking at it. *happy sigh* I don't think I'll ever get tired of relishing my dreams come true. Glenn is totally the man I dreamed of and prayed for, and it just doesn't get any better than this!!!

Now for some reason I got the Pointer Sisters' "Automatic" going through my head, no idea why, and I Googled it to see what the full lyrics are. I was delighted!!! It fits my mood -- and the very essence of the love Glenn and I share -- perfectly:

Look what you're doing to me
I'm utterly at your whim
All of my defenses down
Your camera looks through me
With its X-ray vision
And all systems run aground
All I can manage to push from my lips
Is a stream of absurdities
Every word I intended to speak
Wind up locked in the circuitry

No way to control it
It's totally automatic
Whenever you're around
I'm walking blindfolded
Completely automatic
All of my systems are down
Down down down

What is this madness
That makes my motor run
And my legs too weak to stand
I go from sadness
To exhilaration
Like a robot at your command
My hands perspire and shake like a leaf
Up and down goes my temperature
I summon doctors to get some relief
But they tell me there is no cure
They tell me

Tags: automatic, dreams come true, love, marriage

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