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Introducing Sarelimar, a level 10 human warlock rampaging through the land of Azeroth in the virtual reality known as World of Warcraft.

I love my warlock character. The first time I played WoW on a trial account I played a Night Elf druid and a Night Elf priest, to levels 3 and 6 respectively. But I am loving the warlock. It's kind of an odd combination, me playing a warlock, because the background of the warlock is rather dark and evil. I still want to play a Night Elf character again, it's intriguing to me, especially the druid. But I love my Sarelimar.

I've met some of the most wonderful players so far, too, through the Guild I belong to Divine Retribution and also just through fortunate encounters with non-Guild members in the game. I am in GREAT company in the Guild. The whole game is absolutely awe-inspiring, every time I think about it. I hooked up with a high-level paladin last night who took me to places I never would have gone to otherwise and it was simply amazing! She also hooked me up with a wicked dagger and cool threads -- and helped me level rather quickly too.

The economy in this game is nothing short of amazing too. I love that this game is just as involved in it's 'peacetime' activities as it is for combat. I mean I loved playing City of Heroes/City of Villains, but World of Warcraft really trumps those worlds. And I don't feel like I have any right to be staking any sort of claim to it, because I never played it's previous incarnations like my husband and so many others did. So what, it's still the coolest pasttime I think I've ever had!

I keep thinking of my mom. I wish I could hook her up with the kind of computer I'm using so she could partake in the same experience as I am. I think she would really enjoy it.

Check out Divine Retribution (my husband is Gorbol): http://divineretribution.net
Click on "Profiles" to check out my toon, Sarelimar.
Tags: exploring, sarelimar, warlock, wow

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