Ramona (ann15warsaw72) wrote,

Yes, it's really happening!

I've studied it from many different angles... I've slept on it several nights. I've memorized the tips I got from Thottbot.com.

And now ... I think Sarelimar's ready ...

... to get ...

... The Voidwalker!!!

I've spoken to Gakin at Stormwind, next I must find and defeat Surena, which I will do easily.

And I know exactly where to go to summon the Voidwalker to earn control of him too. Tonight I will have my Voidwalker, after which I will barrel my way through to level 20 to get my Succubus. After which I will plunder and rampage my way to level 40 where I will get my Felsteed. After which I will loot and destroy my way to 60 to get my Dreadsteed.

THEN, maybe then after all that, I will go over to the Horde side, and after that ... who knows???
Tags: sarelimar, surena, voidwalker
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