Ramona (ann15warsaw72) wrote,

The case of the missing subject line

It's been way too long since I posted here. I have not forgotten; I've just not had anything significant to write. Or maybe I have but have chosen not to post. Life has been teaching me, despite my reluctance to learn.

Nothing fancy here today. It would take me too long to learn the new interface, so maybe down the road I'll get back into some more bells and whistles. I don't want to lose that ability to write the code, no matter how insignificant it may, ultimately, seem.

I've been distracted by MySpace and World of Warcraft, among other things. My main, a human warlock, is level 40 now, so I got my felsteed. And then promptly after earning said felsteed I stopped playing!! Oh, I didn't WANT to stop playing mind you; unfortunately, because I put life on hold alot in order to attain level 40, I had a lot of catching up to do afterwards.

I am STILL catching up.

Then there's this problem with my department at work not allowing blogging or MySpace-ing while at work. Probably not a bad idea, but with only one computer between two people at home, that puts a serious crimp in spending any time here, or anywhere else.

We got a new puppy. He is a chocolate pit bull with white on his paws and chest. His name is Sattva (ZAHT-vuh). It's true, he's a handful, but he is such a sweetie, and with that typical, undying loyalty that pit bulls come with, he is a total heartbreaker. He bugs the crap out of our other dog, a pit bull/labrador mix named Bodie, but Bodie doesn't mind a bit. Sometimes we have to intervene when they get a little too riled up, but they sleep together, and you can tell Bodie loves it when Sattva nuzzles against him. I think Bodie has actually gotten more well-adjusted since we got Sattva because before Bodie was home alone when Glenn and I went to work. Now Bodie is never alone, and he just seems so much more chilled-out, peaceful, and just generally happier. No, I'm not crazy, I think Glenn would agree.

Speaking of Glenn, he and I spent a fabulous Saturday on Sanibel Island a couple weeks ago. It was a first-time visit for both of us. If you want to experience Florida the way I believe it was meant to be preserved, go to Sanibel Island. Then you will understand why the songs were written about it. The wildlife is very well-preserved and there's lots to do. And for fine dining you can drive NW to Captiva and eat at The Green Flash. I recommend anything off of THAT menu! Especially if you like fish. :)

More later.

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