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Happy Birthday Da

Today would have been my dad's 86th birthday. Happy Birthday Da! Wherever you are... hope you're not too mad at me for moving to Florida, ha ha. Anyway, I will never forget you nor what you taught me. I am understanding more and more why you felt the way you did about some things in life. I am glad you missed the VA Tech campus massacre earlier this week. I miss mom; I bet you do too, huh! Glenn and I are doing great, although he recently got laid off from his job. So what's it like where you are? Hope you get to hang out with lots of people like you: intellectual, spiritual, people with a sense of humor ... you would like our dogs, especially our older one, Bodie. The younger one, Sattva, is still in rowdy-puppy stage, so you probably wouldn't like that, but Bodie is one of the smartest, most loyal canines I've ever met. He will sit on the floor next to you and lean right up against you and put his paw on your lap. And when you scratch his head he gets a look on his face that is utter bliss, like he's reached doggie nirvana. Glenn says he looks like nobility when he does that. Not to mention he's quite obedient...except if you're out walking him and he sees another dog. Then he's not obedient at all. You have to keep pulling his leash and walk him in the opposite direction of the dog and tell him, "Forget about it," over and over. He will keep his eyes locked on that other dog for several minutes until they're out of each other's sight, and even then he'll keep looking back over his shoulder.

Speaking of which, it's time for me to take them for their walks before I get ready for work. I'm not thrilled with my job anymore. I really, really wish I would have listened to you and mom when I was choosing a college major. Oh well, at least you know I bring the values you raised me with to my workplace.

More later.
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