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Peace be with you (Enough is enough)

This is kind of a repeat of two entries ago. Forgive me for the redundancy. I'm leaving it as is, though, because the message is so important...

This past week I learned that Great Britain and Australia have anti-gun laws. I also learned they don't suffer from the kind of mass shootings like what happened at VA Tech earlier this week, and I'm guessing they also don't have cases of 5-year-olds finding their parents' guns and either killing themselves or their friends with it.

I have mostly been against guns my entire life. My mother, bless her heart, she let me play mostly with what's considered typical 'boys' toys (i.e., dump trucks, Star Wars figures, Hot Wheels, etc.), but she REFUSED to let me play with toy guns or toys that represented gun use, or war, like G.I. Joe. Apparently, she was wiser than I gave her credit for, not that I ever felt my playtime was depraved because I couldn't play with toy guns.

After moving out on my own and experimenting with what types of friends to keep, naturally I came across people who had completely opposite views on guns, and me being me, I listened to them and at one time adjusted my views to become more 'gun-friendly'.

What the hell did I know?

Now, I should say those were people who, I'm here to tell you, would never use a gun to take out their frustrations on people they didn't like (they were far more clever than that).

So enough is enough. I hereby declare myself ANTI-GUN from here on out! I'll take on the NRA if need be, and all it's members. I'll probably lose friends over this, which is really sad, but then maybe they aren't 'friends' in the first place. No more guns. In Britain the police don't even carry guns!!

Here's my message to Americans and our legislators: GET RID OF YOUR GUNS!
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