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"Dead peeper." "Dreadful, i'n't it?"

Last night I saw a movie named "Tideland". It was written and directed by Terry Gilliam, probably better known for his work in the Monty Python series of films. Tideland is probably one of the most disturbing films I've ever seen, and yet it was absolutely brilliant. The movie begins with Mr. Gilliam giving an introduction to the movie, standing in front of the camera, shot as if in black/white. The introduction, I should say, did nothing for me. I was so enormously skeptical about this movie after the introduction I almost didn't watch it. For me it would have worked better as an epilogue.

Anyway, Tideland officially goes down as one of my favorite-est movies ever. It really was brilliant. Be forewarned, dear reader, if you haven't seen it you have no idea what you are getting yourself into. It is a total mind-fuck, if ever there was one. That being said, it is brilliant.

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