Ramona (ann15warsaw72) wrote,

Dogs gone wild

I am so sick and tired of not being able to get ready for work like a 'normal' person (I know, a loaded word if ever there was one), to be able to put makeup on, put on nice clothes, and walk into work looking pulled together. No, not me. I know why: it's because I have two dogs, 2 pit bull breeds, one of which is under a year old. The puppy requires CONSTANT supervision when he's not in his crate, much like a 2-year-old child does. It drives me nuts.

Today after taking them out in the yard to poop I decided to let them run around on the screened porch for a bit. My reasoning is because after I leave for work, the puppy, Sattva, is locked up in his cage for a few hours until the hubby gets home, and Bodie the elder dog just lays around wishing he had someone to lean against, or scratch behind his ears, or let him out on the porch to catch a breeze and watch life go by in the backyard, the canal, the backyards across the canal. Bodie is a good dog. A very, very, very good dog. He will sit quietly with you, or lay down and take a nap, or just content himself with staring out the window.

Until Sattva comes along. Sattva is a bad influence on Bodie. Sattva comes roaring in on his motorcycle and black leather jacket and gets Bodie all riled up. That's what happened when I let them run around the back porch. They way they growl when they're playing together, it sounds like someone's not getting out alive afterwards. They are pit bulls after all. Being on the back porch this translates into quite a show for the neighbors. Exactly NOT the impression I wish to leave them with! Especially since there are dog owners all around us. (My parents did not raise me this way!)

On top of that, I could not catch them. Have you ever seen a pit bull run around? There is a reason they have enviable muscle tone. Because believe me, they use it. They used it to keep just out of my reach for a few mortifying minutes this afternoon. It didn't help that, earlier, when I took Sattva out to do his thing, he was so excited to be out in the grass and the fresh air then he took off like a shot while I was still holding onto the handle of the screen door, and my finger got caught and twisted in the handle on the way out. I thought I'd broken it (I didn't, but it left a mark). Then the door slammed on my knee, which stung for a bit (which I'm sure will also leave a mark). All this after I watched the neighbor lady across the canal screaming at her two misbehaved dogs who were running into her neighbor's yard. I watched her and thought to myself, ha, at least my dogs aren't THAT bad. Ah, pride...

By the time I finally got the two inside, where sound doesn't get broadcast to the neighborhood, I was so traumatized that I locked myself in my room for a few minutes to decompress.

And that's the story of how I will show up to work today looking less than pulled together.
Tags: dogs, misbehaving, work

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