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The cost of eating organic

So I recently made the decision to eat healthier. You know, more fruits and veggies, less refined sugar, grilled instead of fried, that type of thing. So far, I'm doing rather well. My biggest hurdle was weaning myself off of soda pop. My two favorites: Coca-cola and Pepsi. I have not had any in almost a week. I used to consume at least 1 per day. That's remarkable.

The other major hurdle was raiding the vending machine for junk (since I wouldn't actually call anything that comes out of a vending machine "food"). I've actually successfully replaced my nighttime snack choices with fruits and vegetables. I am so proud of myself and I haven't felt better.

I am particularly on board with the whole notion of eating organic foods. That, to me, is the way God intended: simple, uncomplicated, delicious. Why mess with perfection? I bought some organic veggies at the local health food store the other day and the taste was incredible. No wonder people don't eat their veggies - at the giant, corporate mess that is Wal-Mart, which is the ONLY source for buying ANYTHING on a poor man's budget, the produce there is deplorable. However I discovered it is possible to purchase good-tasting veggies elsewhere ... as long as I'm willing to pay a price. Well, I for one am willing to pay that price. I'm willing to go broke in order to eat healthy.

I wish I could make it affordable for everyone to have access to it. We should not have to "make do" with what Wal-Mart has to offer.

My next step is to work in some good, old-fashioned exercise. I was talking with one of my co-workers regarding inexpensive ways to tone muscle and improve cardiac fitness. I also have a really good yoga tape at home, once I find it under all the dust I plan on incorporating that into my new lifestyle too.

I must give my friend Jen, rawgreendragon, a lot of credit for inspiring me to embark upon this journey. She and I talk alot about eating healthy, trying to avoid all the junk that's so sadly and easily accessible, and getting physical exercise. I used to be into the healthy lifestyle a long time ago, can't remember why I got out of it. Probably out of convenience, knowing me. But I'm at the age where I must accept that my body can't take the kind of lifestyle I used to have; I'm okay with that. I've gotten that type of living out of my system, y'know? It's no longer novel to me. I'm sure I'll fall back on it occasionally, just to remind myself how much better life is without it, but I'll never go back to it completely.

More later.
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