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O, happy July!

July is my favorite month of the year. Know why? 'Cuz it is the month I got to hold the love of my life in my arms for the first time. :))

It was at the old Fort Myers airport, and it was July 10, 2005. Hurricane Dennis, which had threatened my travel plans for about 2 hours, had moved out of the area and northward. The beautiful, wonderful Florida air that greeted me was delightfully humid and moist - just the way I like it! I'd gotten off the plane, clutching my bags, trying not to look as nervous as I felt. I was about to meet the man I said 'yes' to when he asked me to marry him over the phone. I was about as nervous as a person could be. I was so afraid I would not be attracted to him, that there would be no chemistry with him. The place we met that led up to this in-person meeting? Right here on LiveJournal! In the _geek_love community.

First we exchanged comments, then emails, then pictures, and eventually, nervously, phone numbers. From our first phone conversation I was hooked. I knew he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. He sounded so sexy over the phone ...

... well fortunately for me, he was every bit as sexy in person!! Tall, handsome, sexy ... I think I melted into a puddle of swoony love for him in that moment! Also fortunately for me: he felt the same way!!! And he lives in Florida!! I was really hoping that if I was having a dream that I would never, ever wake up from it!

That was nearly 2 years ago and I am still as wildly attracted to him as I was that first meeting. In fact, I've gotten a LOT more attracted to him since then! (It is a wonderful bonus from a deeply committed marriage.) Of course, much has happened since that time. Mostly good, but some of it bad sometimes. Any couple goes through that. I am so blessed to be married to someone who is willing to go through everything without ever leaving my side.

I love my Glenn, more than I've ever loved anyone before. Every day I thank God for answering my prayer and sending me ... Glenn, aka, c0rrupt0
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