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More than meets the eye...

Last night I saw Transformers, the movie. That was, by far, the best movie I have seen, ranking second only to The Fountain - which is the Best Movie Ever of All Time. This movie was like 3 great movies rolled into one. It had the superhero thrill, movie-audience bond, and fabulous special effects of Spiderman 3; it had the thrilling race action and high-end mechanics of Fast and the Furious; the gut-wrenching reality of war of Black Hawk Down; and take all the action from all 3 of those movies and multiply it by 10 ... that was Transformers. Yeah, it's as good as everyone is saying it is, it really is!

Transformers passed by me without snagging much of my interest back in 1984 when it made it's debut. I started 7th grade that year and I was more interested in seeing Ghostbusters (which I still haven't seen) (no, I'm not making that up so people will post comments in my journal, it's the truth, I've never seen more than brief clips of Ghostbusters, I've never sat down to watch it), and listening to "Karma Chameleon", "When Doves Cry", "The Reflex", "Time After Time", and "Let's Hear It For the Boy" on the radio. Not to mention the fact I was starting to realize that I wanted a boyfriend. At least, I thought I did. Anyway, I sure was beginning to notice the cutest boy in class. Unfortunately, he didn't notice me the way I noticed him. It's probably just as well, I suppose. Steve was a great guy, I have to say. He danced with me twice at 8th-grade graduation. Once to Bruce Springsteen's "My Hometown", and again at the last dance.

Don't get me wrong, I very much remember the Transformers wave of popularity as they pretty much dominated toy stores or just about anywhere else with a product aimed at kids. I was mad that it cut into my favorite cartoon time. I grew to hate hearing that theme song when they were on TV: "Transformers, they're more than meets the eye, Transformers, robots in disguise..." because it's a stupid boy song, and it gets stuck in your head for weeks! And who cared about robots?? Not me. Collecting unicorn stickers and riding bikes with my then-best friend Michelle, that's all I cared about.

And so now, 23 years later, I am sitting next to my husband at the movie theatre on opening night, watching this movie with as much vitally undivided interest as he has, as if I played with Transformers or something! Life is so funny sometimes. But it's not that I played with them; it has nothing to do with that. Going to see the Transformers movie had to do with it being part of my childhood, and the fact that my husband was so excited about seeing this movie. Although Transformers was not my thing, I had my own passions of childhood: Herself the Elf, The Black Stallion, Anne of Green Gables, to name a few. I remember reading The Hobbit around that time. And yes, when Lord of the Rings came out it was a big deal to me, for the same reason.

However ... I must tip my hat to Transformers. The toys and storyline that set the stage for the movie to get the critical acclaim that it's getting were far more sophisticated than I gave them credit for. I had to grow up in order to appreciate what my peers already knew. The movie was so superbly written, produced, directed and acted ... such a great story, so well done! The movie was such an awesome tribute to that storyline. And now I get it - I get why Transformers are so cool ...
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