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Happy Fourth of July. I'm at work. I have a headache.

And to top it off, I just spent ALL day trying to send a picture from my phone to my Journal here, my treasured Journal which I have defended and upheld, and somehow convinced my husband to invest $150 of our hard-earned money into, with nothing to show for it but a support ticket at the end. Pooh. Before I could even send a picture I had to study. Like, "study" as in for a quiz or something. I'm sorry, I love LJ to the death, but I do not love their current service for sending pictures from phones.

LJ needs to study Blogger and/or Tumblr. for tips on how to improve this service. With Blogger, all I have to do is send a picture to an email address they provide. With your first attempt there is a bit of setup involved, for example you have to enter a password they send you, but after you do that any pictures you send go directly to your blog. With Tumblr. it's even simpler. Enter address, click 'send', and it's posted to your blog.

And both of those services are free.

I don't regret spending the money here, I really don't. LJ has some features the other services don't have that I am loathe to give up (besides the time investment I have here). But man, I wish LJ would take a clue from Blogger and Tumblr. and bring their photo-posting service up to par with the rest of them!

In fact, I think Vox also has the same ease of posting photos directly from your phone. But don't quote me on that. (It's true, they do. Hey Six Apart - please update LJ's mobile posting services!!! Please!!!)

So that's been my day. And did I mention I had to work today? :P
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