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Wish list

I want a new car. I want a brand spanking new car with icy cold A/C, automatic moonroof, 6-CD player with MP3 capabilities, Bose speaker system, 4 doors, V-6 engine with incredibly good gas mileage but fast acceleration. Blue or red color preferably. No silver; no white. Definitely not pencil yellow. I'll take: Toyota Avalon; Cadillac El Dorado; Hyundai Sonata; Chevrolet Camaro (yes, I know these are not 4-door cars, but this is a wish list after all); Mercury Sable; Honda (any). I want to be comfortable; I want to feel safe on the road. I want to be able to pass the idiots on the road with no hope of them being able to catch me unless they're driving a souped-up sports car that was made to go fast.

My new car will also have: automatic seat adjusters; passenger-controlled temperature controls and fans; big, giant, roomy trunk; windshield wiper solution that sprays on like a fan from a nozzle mounted on the hood of the car, *NOT* the kind that's embedded in the wiper arm. I friggin hate those. I also want to be able to make modifications to the car that will make it go very fast if I want it to.

Automatic steering. A. Must.

I want the sports package. My new car will be no older than 2 years old!
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