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Rock 'em, sock 'em

Well, I did it. I don't know how I did it, but ... somehow I did it: I punched and called (I was TD and director) the ABC 6:30pm show tonight (Sunday night). That's not all - it also happened to be the first time I even had my hands on a live show since the new set debuted. Take that, Walter Kronkite. (?)

It was not without casualties, however; I had a couple mic clips and a couple camera shots were off. But I got a lot right too. My biggest challenge was managing all the monitor sources on the set. There are like, 5 of them, whereas before we had none. None! And believe you me, I still have a lot of ground to cover before I'll reach the level of finesse like I had on tonight's NBC show (which I also punched and called). It really was a challenge, and I'm really glad I got that part of my day out of the way at the beginning! *happiness*

Tonight I saw a movie that I wound up really liking: Sky High. A Disney movie, of all things. This movie is the answer to the question, where do the superheroes' kids go to high school? Yeah ... exactly. It was actually pretty good. I think my favorite part about the whole thing was when the principal of the school - played by none other than Lynda Carter - quipped, "I'm not Wonder Woman," at the end. It was cheesy, but well done in my opinion. Wonder Woman was second only to The Monkees TV show when I was a kid. Come to think of it ... it still is second only to The Monkees!

Anyway, I highly recommend Sky High. Kurt Russell and Kelly Preston were the superhero parents. Realtors by day, superheroes by night, they were the Commander and Jetstream respectively. Commander's super power was strength and Jetstream's super power was flight. Not to give it away but their son doesn't start out too promising, but then it turns out he inherited his dad's power. He tangles with another kid at school who starts out being his archenemy, and winds up aiding him in the zero hour. This, like every Disney movie, has a message and the message turns out to be: labels don't fit anybody (the school introduces the segregation between heroes and sidekicks to incoming freshmen), as evidenced by the way the sidekicks wind up being, yep, you guessed it ... heroes in the end. (everybody say, awww ...) Be-lieve it folks. The teen actors in this movie turned in a pretty darn good performance, I must say. I was impressed and entertained. I sincerely hope they don't go the way of Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, or Lindsey Lohan. Please God, not this group. Somebody has to break the unfortunate mold.

In my job I'm supposed to be painstakingly detached and objective. About everything. Being too objective in my line of work gets one very, very far. It is not always right, however. Like tonight for example.

Tonight we did a story about a little kid getting a kidney from his best friend's mom (I think; if I got the details right --> occupational hazard). I pondered this little boy, like I've pondered so many human endeavours I hear about at work. He was not too concerned with the surgery part of it, which we painted as being remarkable . I pondered that, and nearly had myself convinced that he is brainwashed and is in for a rude awakening when he reaches adulthood. But then something told me not to be so harshly critical of this portrayal. No, I think it really is remarkable that this little boy was all smiles and full of good-natured cheerfulness as he described how he'd gotten used to the machine he was hooked up to and had to give himself shots. Yes, I think it's easy to call that remarkable .

But I digress. What I meant to say was, what I do behind the scenes is, I'm not supposed to pay that much attention to the content part of the newscast. It's dangerous territory. That's when the production department trips up, when we get distracted by the story on the screen. You start watching the newscast like a viewer and you stop looking ahead. You stop looking ahead and you will burn yourself, and the real viewers sitting at home will see it. Well, some stories are difficult to ignore, and some, like this remarkable little boy, should be difficult to ignore.

(Lucky for me it did not cause me to make any on-air mistakes. Or maybe I've just gotten that good at it ... )
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