Ramona (ann15warsaw72) wrote,

Can we please get back to basics now?

'Tis nice to have this change in the weather nowadays, here in Southwest Florida. I thought we'd never escape the drought. Not that I think we're totally in the clear yet, but conditions improve a little bit every day, and that's all I ask for. Talk in the weather forecasts has finally shifted from "drought numbers" to "rain chances". We've had some sort of measurable rain every day for the last few days, and for that I am truly grateful.

I don't know if I have Native American blood running through my veins ... or if I am guided by my "animal guide" ... but I am very sensitive to environmental changes, those that cause distress and those that engender healing and beauty. I totally appreciate how the earth "hurts" from extended drought periods, too much chemical waste in the ecosystem, global warming. The earth is crying out for help, all around us; if you listen closely you can hear it. You can hear it in the water creatures dying from the choke of red tide. You can hear it in the screams of plant life suffocating from too much sun heat and not enough rain falling out of the sky. You can hear the torturous cries of our own cellular structure slowly suffocating and boiling from prolonged exposure to toxins we essentially know nothing about, toxins that come in attractive, official-looking packaging with important names and warnings printed on them, and toxins we know a lot about but can't live without somehow. We give our conditions clinical-sounding names and then buy more toxins to treat the conditions. We expose ourselves to obscene amounts of radiation and chemicals to kill cancers ... we've set ourselves up to self-destruct and take everything else down with us too.

But I have hope! I don't believe God put us on this earth to suffer. He put us here to flourish and bloom like the beautiful gardens he's created. And then he gave us the gift of choice: we can follow Him, or we can follow something or someone else. Or we can dismiss it all and just follow our own directives. He put delicious vegetables and grains on this earth, and herbs to give it all flavor. He gave us animals to tame, befriend, make into food for nourishment, and he gave us fish to feed the cellular structure of our brains. Most importantly, he gave us each other. The greatest gift of all is love, not the selfish kind but the giving and sharing kind. I'm not talking about the romantic kind of love, I'm talking about the kind of love that defies explanation in any language.

I choose to enjoy and promote the good things God gave us. I work in the news business, and believe me, I have my fair share of death, destruction, and the stupidity that causes it every single day. It is that exposure that makes me choose a healthy lifestyle even more. I will lead by my example, I hope. I will bring this message to as many people as I can. People, don't give up hope yet! We CAN make this world a better place, we can turn this global warming around, we can cure our waterways and earth! Yes, we really can!! Just make the choice.
Any questions? Like, how do you make the world a better place? Just leave a comment and I'll let you know.


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