Ramona (ann15warsaw72) wrote,

Ya win some, ya lose some

Tonight was not my best night. Add to that people I perpetually do not get along with and throw in some bad attitudes, bad news, and disappointment and you've got yourself a recipe for a Bad Night. It all balances out somehow, doesn't it!

Although earlier I got paid a HUGE compliment from the venerable Craig Wolf, so the night was not a complete loss. He started by asking me how was the blogging going? Then he said, in front of a studio full of people, that he read it and that he thought my blog was "gutsy". I sailed away on those words like a cloud on air. To be recognized in front of my colleagues and co-workers by someone I not only respect but also like as a person, especially, I won't lie, someone who's a quasi-celebrity in his own right, was the highlight of my workday. *big smiles* *grins*

Other than that ... Calgon, take me away .................................................................

I had something else to write about, in fact I had lots of things to write about. I had many thoughts today. But as usual I am being pulled away to other things, with little regard to what I want to do. Maybe it's just as well, because I had a lot of evil thoughts today.

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