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So I've pretty much been pouring all my time into this browsergame called "Travian". It is completely addicting and I've fallen for it hook, line and sinker. You select a tribe to belong to - Roman, Gaul, or Teuton (I'm a Gaul) - name your village and then start building it. You have wheat fields, clay pits, woodcutters, and iron mines and you have to build them up so they produce those resources in order to build buildings in your village and train troops. The whole premise of the game is to build your village up to a size where you can train troops to pick on other, smaller villages. In fact, the Travian Wiki says the game "emphasizes the aggression of playground bully".

I belong to an Alliance called "Oblivion" on World Server 1. I am very fortunate to belong to this Alliance because they've been very helpful to me. They are so huge compared to me; they could have knocked me down to nothing, but instead they let me choose to align with them or not. It has been quite rewarding, to say the least. They've been unyieldingly generous with advice and resources.

When I began I had less than 10 people in my population. Now I'm pushing 160. It's so cool!

I went to a bit of trouble choosing a name for my village too. My "player name" was easy - Queen Pasha. But I wanted something special for the village's name. So I researched the Gauls, the real Gauls, of Julius Caesar's time ... the Gauls who were ultimately conquered by Caesar. I came across lots of cool village and tribe names, and even military leaders' names. I finally settled on Vercingetorix, who was such a great military leader against Caesar that, even though he ultimately failed to win the war, Napolean III later erected a statue in his name. I didn't read of any of the other Gaul military leaders getting such an honor. Vercingetorix has also been portrayed in movies, recent and old, video games and card games. He was the last Gaul to take a stand against Caesar ... taken from Wikipedia: "Vercingetorix (pronounced [werkiŋgˈetoriks] in Gaulish) (died 46 BC), was chieftain of the Arverni, originating from the Arvernian city of Gergovia and known as the man who led the Gauls in their ultimately unsuccessful war against Roman rule under Julius Caesar.Known primarily through Caesar's accounts, Vercingetorix's revolt is frequently used as a heroic example of Gallic virtue and resolve."

It is said the only way Caesar was able to win the war against Vercingetorix was when Caesar himself had to come out onto the battlefield. Vercingetorix surrendered in "magnificent fashion". So yeah, that's how I want my village to be seen: not going down without the fight to end all fights and if I lose I will surrender on MY terms!

My plan is to conquer and settle at least one more village. However, at the rate I'm going and the frequency with which I check my wee village and it's progress, I may very well get to acquire a third village perhaps. This is such a lovely escape! I have my friend Jen to thank, rawgreendragon for introducing me to this game.

Here's the link to my profile. From there you can click on other things to find out more about the village of Vercingetorix!
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