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Farms, farming, and global warming

"Growing stuff is good for you, offering exercise and the therapeutic relaxation of surveying your bounty and picking it. Green leaves and swelling fruit really do lower the blood pressure. Not to mention the joy from the birds they bring, the butterflies, the scents of growing things.

Humans once lived closely with the world around them. These days our gardens are the only contact most of us have with the natural world. You need only look at children's faces when they pick their first apple to realise how deep in the human psyche is the need to grow things."

- author, Jackie French

This was taken from an article about how all you need is a balcony and 10 minutes of spare time (and a wee bit of front money to get it all started I imagine) in order to never have to buy produce at the grocery ever again. Ever. This article is from an Australian newspaper called The Sydney Morning Herald.

Through my search for a picture of this woman to post I found one of her books on Amazon, "Backyard Self-Sufficiency". Read the 2 short reviews of it; veeeeeeerrrrry interesting.

As if that weren't enough I did a Google search on "growing lettuce in florida" and came up with this article from UF IFAS extension: Minigardening (Growing Vegetables in Containers). So just because you live in Florida doesn't mean you can't do it! ^.^

This woman is showing the way to world domination through the simple act of planting your own garden. Seriously. It's GREAT for the environment, and saves you boatloads of money. It could, in theory, put the big box grocery stores out of business.

Enjoy. Mother Earth thanks you. ^.^
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