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New Beginnings

Well. Well, well, well. It's been way too long. Here I have a permanent account and yet I never post here. I thought, back when I didn't have it, that if I had a permanent account that I would write here all the friggin time because I have full access to all the coolest bells and whistles. In fact, it's not even the bells and whistles so much as it is just no longer having to worry about losing some of the things that come with a paid account, like the number of userpics I can have, using the layouts I like, using the mobile/voice posting, being able to create a poll ...

Not once have I created a poll here.

No, instead I wound up taking it for granted; it's always here. I could neglect it for months and everything would still be here. Wrong approach obviously. It took an argument with my husband about it this morning (permanent accounts ain't cheap) to jolt me into action.

So I figure, here it is a brand-spanking new year and all, why not turn over a new leaf and put our hard-earned money to work? So here I am.

Next month is our 2-year wedding anniversary. I'm so excited! I'm making big plans. Glenn and I have been through a lot these past couple years -- a LOT. In fact we went through our biggest hurdle just recently, as I suffered a miscarriage last month. It wasn't as devastating for me as it is for some women, thank goodness. When I found out I was pregnant I freaked out. I mean, I freaked out. I was scared to death. I have total respect for the pain of labor, and I was completely unprepared to find out I was pregnant, too, when it happened. I didn't think I could get pregnant, not to mention the fact that when it happened I was in the habit of consuming excessive amounts of coffee daily. Caffeine supposedly decreases fertility. Add to that my age, 35, and I just figured it wasn't in the cards for me, and I was okay with that.

Now however, I'm ready. Maybe God took our first child as a way of preparing me ... perhaps as a way of preparing us both. I know Glenn and I will be good parents. I'm looking forward to getting pregnant again ... especially the trying to get pregnant part. ;)

I can't wait to celebrate our anniversary. The way I got pregnant last time was from celebrating my birthday, lol. That was an awesome night, I can't wait to recreate that, except it will be more special because we'll be celebrating each other, not just one of us. I'm already planning what we'll do, and what gift I'm going to give Glenn this year.

Another thing I've neglected is my guitar. I can't deny it. The small collection of dust covering it betrays my neglect. It's not that I don't want to play it, I just don't know what to play. Not that that's really a good reason. I need to buy a lesson book so I can re-learn how to read music while I'm learning the guitar. I'd love to learn how to play classical guitar. That's all I really care about; being able to read sheet music and finger-pick it on the guitar. I got the electric guitar so my fingers would not get all chewed up the way they would on an acoustic guitar, so I can build endurance slowly and less painfully. However, the nylon strings on a classical guitar would have been just as easy on my fingers too. Oh well. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

So these are my New Year's Resolutions:

1)     Write regularly in my LiveJournal
2)     Play my guitar regularly
3)     Read the Bible regularly (which is what I replaced the other two with while I was pregnant)
4)     Have sex more often with my hubby :)
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