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Time definitely not on my side

Here is my entry post for today: why are (some) news producers so difficult? Why must they insist on making my life difficult? Why? 

I've been trying vainly to make a post today. I'm bound and determined to make a post every day, or to not let more than 2 days go by - because frankly, I work full-time and I have a house to keep up, so there's going to be days that go by without a post. 

To do: make a pregnancy/miscarriage journal. I'm mad that the doctor's visits did not go well, and I need to see a doctor. I've been feeling pain in some form or another in my gut, and I don't know if it's from the miscarriage, or if I've got a bladder infection or if I've got hemorroids. It's maddening. Plus I'm still bleeding - it's been 12 days now.

My scripts are here. Back to work. Not a happy camper right now.  
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