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Welcome to Monday

To do today: turn in vacation request for that day in February I want off, hint, hint!! (I am so cryptic sometimes.

To do in general: clean up excess cardboard boxes that have been accumulating in our bedroom.

So it's back to work today. I'm not feeling as much pain today, thank goodness. I'm beginning to think there really is something to drinking green tea. Lately I've been on a tea kick, green tea, black tea, herbal tea, white tea ... I discovered, or re-discovered the lovely teacups and saucers that came with the wedding gift my brother-in-law got us way back when, which is good china, way too good for us but it's beautiful. Wish I could post a picture of it, but I'm borrowing my hubby's computer and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't want me to upload pictures to his computer ... not to mention the software I'd have to install in order to get the picture from my phone to his computer ... not to mention I don't even have a clue where to begin looking for that software, although I know it's around here somewheres. So picture will come at a later date.

I wish my hubby would fix our roommate's computer! Hubby if you're reading this ... hint, hint! *muah*

Anyway, yes I believe green tea does have healing properties. Of course drinking nothing but water the rest of the time I'm thirsty probably can't be hurting the cause either.

In other news I bought 1% milk to drink. Usually I get fat-free milk, much to my hubby's chagrin. I got the fattier milk because apparently dairy products with a high fat content help you get pregnant. Suffice to say my Ovaltine tasted a LOT better this morning! Lol. Go figure. Although I know very well that I had no problem getting pregnant on fat-free milk either, so there you go.

But then again, I was drinking a lot of coffee back then too, and insisting on half-and-half to go in it. So I was definitely getting my dairy fats that way. That is actually one thing I was going to say about the tea-drinking is, I've replaced my coffee drinking with it. It's wonderful - the caffeine I get from a cup of black tea is about 1/3 (or less) of a cup of coffee, which means I can totally drink the same amount of tea as I was drinking coffee and only get the caffeine of about one cup of coffee. Whee! And when I'm drinking the green tea I get health benefits that black coffee just doesn't have. In fact, about the only thing coffee has going for it is the caffeine. And the taste; the aromatherapy was another thing I got from coffee.

Whiny puppy. He squeaks like a plastic toy that gets squeezed. Who is squeezing you Sattva??? Must take him out to do his business. Bodie is a much more agreeable mutt. He just waits patiently for you to take him outside and if he really has to go bad then he'll just sit and stare pointedly at you. But that's about it.

Whiny puppy ...
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