Ramona (ann15warsaw72) wrote,

Trying to reclaim 'normal'

This time around I had a great reason why I did not post here the last 2 days: Wednesday I spent in the Cape Coral ER - 2:30pm to almost midnight! It was after 11pm by the time we finally left the ER. While we were there I had my first IV ever - not the most pleasant memory, but not the worst either - I was examined by a real doctor, and then I got wheeled, like in a gurney, to get an ultrasound, to find out if my miscarriage was complete or not. As it happens it was not. Joy. That was also a first - getting wheeled around on a gurney. Wish I could say it was 'neato'; it was not, but by that time my low blood sugar was really starting to get to me. My brain started envisioning all kinds of horrible things which filled me with anxiety. It was difficult to fight it. I really thought seriously about running away like you see in movies.

But I didn't.

The worst part about the ER visit by far was the lack of meals. I only had a handful of Sun chips from the vending machine during the time I was there, and that happened while the sun was still up, somewhere between 4 and 5pm. By the end of the evening I was quite weak and wobbly, and my blood sugar was all out of whack. Luckily I was not in too bad of shape the next day, which was yesterday. Usually I get wicked headaches from not eating all day like that, but because I've been keeping my sugar intake quite low this past week the damage was not nearly as bad. I was more fatigued than usual though yesterday.

Yesterday I had a doc appointment as follow-up to the hospital visit. He saw me and talked to me about what had transpired at the hospital and then wrote me a prescription for some stuff that's supposed to help end this blasted miscarriage once and for all. If this medication doesn't do the trick then I will be getting a D&C. More joy.

But I'm doing quite well now I'm happy to say. The profuse bleeding has stopped. In fact, it pretty much stopped the day I was at the hospital, and more nothing yesterday, well not more than spotting anyway. Besides the pill to help me stop bleeding I'm also taking 2 different antibiotics. One of them upsets my stomach if I don't take it with something to eat.

There were two upsides to the hospital visit -
1) I finally got some answers and the medical attention I was overdue for and,
2) I had Glenn by my side the entire time. :)
I sincerely hope, from the bottom of my heart, that this ordeal is truly over with now and that if I'm not out of the woods yet, at least I'm getting out. At some point, I've got to stop bleeding and return to normal.
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