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Is it sad when my subject lines are more interesting then the post itself?

I like being at work these days. Still at the same ol' job I've been known to complain about before, but now, I am liking it a lot. Funny thing is, I started liking it when I sucked it up and began taking to heart the criticisms coming from my superiors (and my husband). I took a long, hard, sober and humble look at my performance and decided that they were right - it could use a LOT of work. So that's what I've been doing, and suffice to say I'm glad I did.

It also helped that I read it in the Bible too: I forget the chapter and verse right now, but someone said (Paul, I think) to always be a good employee, whether you have a boss that's easy to work for or not. For what good does it do to do wrong and be punished for it??? (That's paraphrasing, more or less, what the verse said.) If you do right and are persecuted for doing the right thing, that's when the Good Lord Jesus looks down favorably on his followers. When Paul wrote it he was talking about masters and slaves ... but the modern-day parallel is bosses and employees of course.

The Bible I'm using is so good at that, drawing those parallels between ancient history and present day issues. The notes in my bible make sense; it's wonderful. It's the Bible given to Glenn by his former boss at Blink: it's called the "Life Application Study Bible", NIV, published by Zondervan, large-print, indexed, leather-bound. It was not cheap, but Glenn didn't buy it, it was a gift to him. A gift to both of us really.

Today has been a little crazy. I decided to do my grocery shopping before going to work rather than after. That turned out to be a *great* idea. I not only got home before noon but I also got the dogs walked and fed before noon too. The mistake I made with time management today was I spent too much time cleaning up my inbox on one of my Yahoo! email accounts. Although I shouldn't be too hard on myself because I did get that project finished. When I started I had over 1,000 unread emails! I got my whole entire inbox trimmed down to a total of 150-some emails, altogether. It took a couple of days, but by golly, it's finished.

I also deleted a few folders that were stockpiling unread subscription emails. I still have a few more of those to go through, but it's not nearly the behemoth it was before I started. I cancelled several subscriptions too. I kept the ones that are actually useful, such as Budget, Amtrak, and got rid of the ones that are only advertising things that wind up becoming clutter, such as iVillage.com.

I also got the dishwasher filled and running before I left for work, *and* I left enough time to go see Glenn before work - and I still got to work on time.

It never ceases to amaze me what I can accomplish when I put my mind to it. However, I would have liked to have gotten a little jaunt of exercise in today too.

Scripts are here. Must. Mark. Them. ...
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