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New Beginnings, an epilogue

I had a very interesting experience at church tonight. (This is the 3rd week in a row of attendance for me - go me!) Tonight I sat back and witnessed a sweeping change take place before my eyes, a change that I'm pretty sure Glenn and I are a part of, although I'm not sure how significantly.  In fact, I can't really speak for Glenn, who has yet to go there; but since we're married I must include him, because whatever affects me affects him too, and vice versa. 

I prayed about this time. Not as fervently as some prayers I've prayed, but I prayed nonetheless. Tonight in church I prayed that God would use me however he wants, that I am here for him freely and willingly. If he asks me I will go - as long as Glenn gets to go with me, of course! I sincerely hope that Glenn will join me in becoming a member of First Assembly Ministries. The Holy Spirit is not only moving in that church, it is thriving. And it's not easy! It's incredibly rewarding - but not easy, and that was essentially the message tonight. To become a member of First Assembly is to acknowledge that you have a burning desire to work as a servant of God, that you are not content to simply keep up good appearances. If you want to put down the kind of roots that bear fruit, well ... First Assembly will feel like home to you, right away. 

Behind the altar, the magnificent focal point of the church interior is a stained glass painting of a dove, representing the Holy Spirit, of course. If you're facing the altar, to the right of the stained glass is a giant, plain, wooden cross bathed in light. That is about the extent of the decoration the church has, but that is all it needs. The focus of that church is on it's members. Period. And it is where I feel very strongly called to be. There is nothing but truth being taught there. I firmly believe Jesus Christ is very, very proud that the members there call themselves "followers of Christ". Deep down I believe Jesus Christ himself is quite happy with what's going on there!

I can't wait to get more involved!

Praise be to God above!
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