Ramona (ann15warsaw72) wrote,

New Beginnings ... again

I just love January!

So I'm going to try something ... different. I'm going to try lightening my load, as in, come to work with less ... bags. I am truly the resident bag-lady. Truly. It's kinda scary, and I'm endeavoring to change it. 

Tonight I walked a couple of my bags out to my car so I don't have to be loaded down when I leave here, because I gotta bolt after the show. Tomorrow's an early day for me, and after the early part it's going to be late. Anyway, I thought I'd lighten my load on my way out the door so I can get out of here faster.

As I walked across the parking lot I thought, if people see me right now I probably look like I'm leaving ... except they'd know I'm not leaving because I usually carry 5 more bags inaddition to what's already in my hands now! Then I really got to thinking, as I walked across the parking lot with *one* bag (my lunch bag) and a sole book: I thought, I could do this. There is no reason why I couldn't.

So I think I'm going to try lightening my load and just see what happens.

And now I must dash to go do a show.

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