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Scribefire test

Just trying out this new add-on called Scribefire. Naturally when I was installing it a message popped up warning me that using LiveJournal with this application is "experimental" and not all features work. So this is a test, and only a test.

In other news, I'm feeling more like a Democrat again these days... I'm talking about the Democrats of the 1960s-1980s, Democrats who actually believed in the causes they fought for.

Controversy? Anyone?


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Feb. 1st, 2008 01:36 am (UTC)
You are absolutely right when you say "politicians on both sides" are affected by the same "ailment", that is, no more indistinguishable characteristics, let alone greater causes to fight for. The only thing that is really truly certain about this upcoming presidential shift in power is that everyone has an opinion. Other than that, good luck keeping track of the candidates. They are all pretty unremarkable to me.

After I wrote that statement about 'feeling more like a Democrat again' I began to wonder: what's going on in the Green Party these days? The Green Party today is closer to the Democrat party that I remember, albeit more eccentric. I was disappointed to see Cindy Sheehan seems to have risen to some level of exposure within their ranks - I am not wholly against the war. I don't really believe the war in Iraq was started on 'lies' as many people believe. And to dig myself even deeper ... I like Pres. Bush. I don't think he's the monster he is painted out to be. Did anyone listen to his final State of the Union address? Or any of the other ones for that matter? He is as passionate about the same issues Sen. Clinton and Obama and McCain and everyone else is! Even though I don't want to, I'm listening to the Democrat debate between Clinton and Obama right now because I'm trying to get more information. I have the same knee-jerk response to Clinton that most people have to Bush. But I can still learn something, even from people I don't like.

But I digress. Here's what I like about the Green Party, from the Florida Greens website: "In reality, there’s a lot more wrong with how we live and how we think about how we live than the mere presence of George Bush in the White House.

"Our dependence on foreign oil, for example, is not the real problem. It’s the living arrangements and consumerism that depend on that oil, and in that we’re all implicated. This failure to make connections between how we all live and resulting public and foreign policies goes down to the grass roots."

The Green Party is populated with people who are not content with the status quo, not with any status quo. They are thinkers; they are passionate about the environment (a cause close to my heart). I certainly don't like everything about the Green Party but I think the fate of our country is a LOT safer in their hands than anyone else running for President right now. I haven't researched all the parties, but the more I read about the Green Party the more I like them.

And I say that as a Bush supporter.

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