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So -

I'm done being sick now - for the most part. I had evil stomach virus last week, knocked me down for 2.5 days. And it was nasty. Horrible. Yuck. I'm so glad that's over with.

However, it made me much more anxious over thinking about what if my mother all alone in sub-zero freezing cold Toledo was sick like I was. What, is my 8-year-old nephew going to take care of her? He might, but that's so wrong! So on top of feeling sick I also felt guilty.

Then on top of THAT, I think being sick somehow agitated the healing process from the miscarriage and not only did I start bleeding again - heavily - I also had cramps as well. Cramps bad enough to warrant taking pain killer for it. Yeah, not a good weekend-slash-Monday.

Found out today that our only car has a cracked engine block. So we are back to having no car. Again. Still live in far away Cape Coral. Sucks. A lot.

I also stepped in poop last night while out walking Sattva. So much for the flashlight.

Besides that, I finally got Ray's review done - HOORAY!!!! And there was much rejoicing.

I was excited about discovering Facebook today. I'd always been curious about it but never bothered to check it out before today. I'd gotten an invitation in the mail from another friend of mine, so I decided to check it out. Well, I love it! I can't wait to upload some pictures to it, that will be awesome.
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