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I was utterly aghast when I heard this story: a quadriplegic was unceremoniously dumped out of his wheelchair onto the ground at a jail when he was asked to stand up. He told the person behind the booking desk that he couldn't stand because he's a quadriplegic, after which one of the deputies walks behind him, grabs the wheelchair handles, tilts the chair forward and dumps him onto the ground.

Yeah! And it was all caught on tape. This, of course, like most bad things of a hellish nature, happened right here in paradise, Florida at the Hillsborough County Sheriff's office. Brian Sterner is the quadriplegic here. He was brought in on a traffic violation which he doesn't deny. (He can drive, apparently.)

Here's a link to the story: click here to read about the quadriplegic being abused in the Hillsborough Co. jail in Florida
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