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Apt. 8G

So it is my first day back to work. It was as unforgiving as I expected it to be. Tomorrow I'm on long-haul prompter I noticed. Not sure if I like that or not. It's frightening because ... well, I'd rather not say.

I was unable to get the car registered today because today is Presidents' Day and government offices and banks and schools are closed. Including the Lee Co. Tax Collector which is where I need to go register the car. Which means I'll have to do that tomorrow ... tomorrow, when I was hoping it would already be done and I could relax.

*big sigh*

Oh well, it could be worse. It certainly could be worse.

Have tried 2 new games recently that I'm really enjoying: Cabal, an MMO that involves a lot of sword-fighting (it's in open beta), and Pox Nora which is basically like playing Magic: The Gathering in an online format. It's cool because it makes the cards (called 'runes' in Pox Nora) come to life! It's very cool. It's the coolest chess game ever.

Cabal is fantasy-based, the female characters are ultra-sexy, but the gameplay is a lot of fun. You can tell it was developed by people whose first language definitely was NOT English. I'm playing a 'force shielder' archetype. I can do magic spells and sword-fighting. I go around 3 different 'polises' slaying various creatures depending on the location. The winter location is called "Bloody Ice" and features undead, zombie-type creatures. Then there's "Desert Scream" and "Green Despair" which is a jungle-type setting. It's pretty cool, it holds my interest. I'm level 21 but so far the levels go up as far as 85. I'm pretty sure I won't make it that far.

I didn't get to play much this weekend what with car-hunting, laundry, and going out to dinner and a parade and dancing.

In other news, tonight I discovered one of my favorite luxury hair conditioners is still being made by the company and I bought 2 more bottles of it! (trial-size, because it took me a year to get through the first 2.) It's Bath & Body Works' Aromatherapy line, one is Jasmine and Vanilla and the other is Lavender and Vanilla. I also picked up a small bottle of body lotion in this wonderful mandarin and lime scent - exquisite! - and a small bottle of "Enchanted Orchid", their new flavor. I'm so excited!
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