Ramona (ann15warsaw72) wrote,

Animal abuse

Hearing the story didn't surprise me, but seeing the images I saw affected me in a way I wasn't expecting and I sincerely hope I don't see them again. Although it doesn't matter because the images in my mind are indellible - defenseless animals, helpless against their human tormenters, cows being pushed along like trash by a forklift, or stuck with a pole that sent an electric shock through their weakened bodies...

...I'll tell you quite honestly it has totally turned me off to eating beef right now. Chicken too. Chickens are in the same boat. I'm not against eating meat; I am however against eating the meat that comes from those slaughterhouses. I find myself making different choices now when I'm at restaurants and the grocery store. I refuse to support that!! My palate is not stronger than my conscience.

I was directing one of the shows that story aired in earlier this week, and in 8+ years of working in this business I never saw anything that made me feel like getting up and walking out in the middle of a show. Nothing has ever upset me that much until I saw that. Maybe I'm just really mellow now and things get to me more ... but I was positively sickened and outraged. It makes me want to do those same things to those people, but on a scale that it would affect them to the same degree that it affected the cows.

Moo cow, moo cow
Why do they hate you?
Why don't they see how gentle you are?
Why don't they see you how I do?

I can't write anymore about it because it's making me upset all over again.
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