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The Goa'uld

So there I was, innocently Googling "Goa'uld voice" because for some reason I got to thinking about it and wondered how they created that effect, so I decided to see what I got on Google. Well one thing led to another and next thing I know I'm reading the entire Goa'uld history on Wikipedia. A fascinating read as I've ever encountered; the Goa'uld history is built on the notion that what we know as Roman, Greek, and to some extent Norse mythologies were actually aliens from outer space with special powers and technologies. The connection is never made until a certain Dr. Jackson stumbles upon what is known as a Stargate (on our planet) and travels to another planet that bears a striking resemblance to Egypt. Turns out Anubis wasn't an ancient god, he was an alien! Specifically a Goa'uld.

I know I'm not talking about anything new. This is what the main storyline of Stargate SG-1 is built upon, and lest we forget, the movie that started it all, Stargate. The idea is so compelling to me as to be downright addictive, and the fuel for that addiction is the TV show which I am only just now gaining entrée to through the DVD sets of seasons 1-6. We are up to season 5 now. I've developed a crush on Dr. Daniel Jackson because, well, he's hot. The combination of intelligence and diplomacy works well for him.

But what's more compelling for me is the notion that those mythological gods are actually aliens from outer space. I find myself wanting to believe it ... no, admittedly I do believe it. It makes so much sense. I wouldn't be surprised to one day hear that it's true.

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