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Ralph Nader for President!!!

No matter what Democrats say or do about Ralph Nader and his presence among Presidential candidates, one thing is certain: they are so threatened by him they will go to great lengths to deny him access to our votes. "Under Legal Attack in Pa., Nader Smells Political Payback"

If the Democrats' platform is so solid ... why would they work so hard at making sure the ONLY contender against them in the upcoming Presidential election are the Republicans? Is it possible that Republicans are the ONLY thing worse than ... Democrats??? Just like the New York Times had to really dig in order to bring up that beef against McCain and a certain lobbyist he allegedly had an affair with, they do the same to Ralph Nader. Democrats don't play any fairer than Republicans do; they are just much more childish and over-the-top about it.

Therefore, I believe Ralph Nader deserves a closer look. Do your homework you educated Americans, and draw your own conclusion.

Click on the picture below to be taken to an article about his interview with Tim Russert on Meet the Press, Sunday 2-24-2008 where he announced he will be running for President:

Here also is a link to his website to find out more about where he stands on the issues and what issues he stands for: Vote Nader 2008!
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