Ramona (ann15warsaw72) wrote,

Even more animal abuse

This one is not graphic like the last one.

Today in our news stories we revisited the story about the abuse taking place at the beef slaughterhouse in California that has gone to court for recalled beef. Tracie Potts was the reporter, a national correspondent with NBC. The focus of the story was on whether or not any tainted meat got to the meat-buying public - NOT whether or not the abuse suffered by the animals was wrong or not!!! No, the priority is on whether or not any consumers got sick from buying 'tainted' meat.

Glad our priorities as a nation are so protective of the creatures who can't defend themselves. Why is this? Why are we more concerned about whether anyone got sick from eating tainted meat or not? Because we as a nation are more concerned with where consumers spend their dollars - that's why the abuse took place at the slaughterhouses in the first place. There was the pressure (besides just total disregard for life of course) from the corporate execs who set the deadlines, and who believe that meeting consumers' demand for beef (or rather, their 'perception' of consumers' demand, since MOST consumers who go grocery shopping are pretty much limited to what the grocery store puts out on the shelves to buy) is more important than the conditions of the creatures providing the beef.

Listen up America: I speak as a law-abiding, tax-paying citizen. I am a sober, college-educated adult who happens to be REALLY ANGRY over this injustice to some of our beloved four-legged creatures. Last I checked, my vote still counts. I also want you legislators to know that my friend - who is also a law-abiding, tax-paying, sober, college-educated adult who votes - and I have decided to become vegetarian as a PROTEST to the abuse and the blind eyes that our government has turned toward cattle and poultry in this country, and all other non-human creatures who are abused for any reason, but most especially the farms who put the bottom line over the welfare of these creatures. We know we are not alone, and we are gathering supporters. This is not a threat; this is a promise. We will not quit; we will not give up. We may weaken, everybody does but we are not giving up until things have changed. And oh by the way, we are serious.

By the way, this ranks right up there with abuse done to children and senior citizens living in nursing homes, not to mention the state of health care in this country, or should I say lack of health care. Oh yeah, believe me, I know what's important to people. I'm listening, even if you, corporate America, are not.
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