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Saving the environment

So I just have to weigh in on the story out of California (boy, CA can't get a break lately) of the "Street of Dreams" which was burned to the ground. The arsonists may be a group of people who call themselves "environmentalists" who go by the moniker, "E.L.F." which stands for, "Earth Liberation Front".

There is pretty strong evidence supporting the notion that ELF is to blame, not the least of which being a spray-painted sheet bearing their acronym and the proclamation, "Built green? Nope BLACK," left near the crime scene. They are also associated with the same kind of crime before, planting explosives in "dream"-type homes on display (not occupied) and then setting them all on fire.

I do not in any way, shape, or form condone such destructive means of protesting. To me, these people - if it was indeed them - give environmentalists a bad name and set the whole movement back about 40 years. It IS possible to win battles, arguments, etc., without destroying any property. One of the builders was quoted as saying he is passionate about saving the environment and he put his heart and soul into one particular house that got burned to the ground. He seemed relatively calm, albeit upset as he made his statement. I would have been hopping mad, but that's just me.

Actually I'm learning to rein in my temper and curb my reactionary ways. If I have learned nothing else at my job at Waterman Broadcasting I have learned the value of remaining calm under pressure. Or at least giving myself time to let news sink in before reacting. There really is something to be said for watching what you say, because you may regret it later. That is a lesson I've had to learn over and over and over again - and I bet I'm not completely out of the woods yet, either! There was an incident at work earlier today involving such a situation, actually two opportunities to react strongly, and I think I held my composure pretty well. In fact, I think I came out ahead, if I do say so myself.

Stop the presses. I think I may finally be growing up!

I've been doing great on abstaining from any kind of meat. Dairy and eggs is another story however. For example I have a sweet tooth like you wouldn't believe, but guess what? Most sweet things that I like are made with dairy in them. At the moment it's not cost-effective for me to switch to vegan-made sweet treats, so I have to compromise there, but as soon as I find an alternative I'm going to run with it.

Ah, so much happening lately, so many news items I would love to weigh in on ... so little time ...
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