Ramona (ann15warsaw72) wrote,

Floating toward the weekend...

Floating is an apt word, too, because floating implies you have no control, that the first strong gust of wind to come along will throw you off course, never to be heard from again!

My weekends, as I've known them to be for quite some time now, are swiftly approaching change. I'm going from Fri.-Sat. to having Sun.-Mon. off. I'm not entirely happy about it; I've just sort of adopted a, resigned myself to it attitude because there's nothing I can do about it. I really resent the way it all came about; I really wish the person who is effecting the change in my life would have had a thought as to how it would affect me and come to me and told me to my face that change was on the horizon for me. Which is why I don't believe the reason I was given for the change is the truth. I could be wrong; I certainly could be. But if you have a bonafide reason for bringing about change to another person's life, wouldn't you at least have the courtesy to give that person a heads up about it?

When I was trying to get my 4 o'clock day changed the FIRST people I spoke to were the ones who would be directly affected by it, because I felt I owed them that. So I feel really ... I'm not sure what it is I feel, truth be known. It feels underhanded and dirty, like a trick. I thought very seriously about going to Bob and handing him an ultimatum and just telling him flat-out that either my schedule remains unchanged or he'd have to find someone to replace effective immediately. I was so hopping mad.

I wonder if the person who's basically changing the way I live my life realizes that I'm not against a schedule change per se; I'm just reallly steamed about the way it was handled. First I was asked if I 'wanted' to. Then after I told my boss that I DON'T want to, then he comes back and tells me, "Whoopsie, actually you have no choice, that was a mistake."

You know, I understand things happen and especially in this line of work, sometimes you have to change your schedule around. Plus, I've been really lucky in NOT having to change my schedule for a whole year now, but when it changed before they were so much more up-front about it. There was nothing to hide!

Anyway, aside from that, things are not so bad. I haven't eaten any meat since our trip to Tampa last weekend. I'm finding it's not so difficult to abstain from it, but luckily I live in a time where there are more options available to me. 20 years ago, even 15 years ago, this would be another story. So the people who have gone before me have blazed a trail and for that I am truly grateful! Hee hee! I just have to figure out a way to convince my husband to switch to soy cheese instead of dairy cheese, and then I just might be home free.

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