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Nothing worthwhile comes without its pains

So making the transition to vegan has, like anything, it's good days and bad days. This past weekend and today has produced the bad side.

Yesterday my brother-in-law took Glenn and I out to lunch. Besides the fact that we had to sit outside on a windy, chilly day (for Florida), the menu had one measly non-meat item on it: a salad, naturally. Daniel seemed both surprised and amused by my decision to go vegan. He said he didn't think he could give it up.

Anyway, the whole experience made me feel a little insecure needless to say, and forced me to re-evaluate my decision. However my conclusion has only reinforced my commitment to go vegan and here's why: it just goes to show how much our society is based on animal products, on so many levels. We are so bound to animal slaughter ... it shows up first on the menus. For a meat-eating person, they have plenty of choices. For a vegan ... only one choice on the menu I looked at.

Today I encountered the physical part of the bad side - the hunger pain and what almost turned into a wicked headache (although that might be more from female issues than diet). Again, I felt insecure and found myself questioning how realistic it is for me to do this. And again, as with yesterday's scenario, I've decided that as long as the animals must suffer, so will I. If going without food because the only thing available is some kind of animal product, then I will go without. My hunger is nothing compared to the pain endured by the cows, chickens, pigs, monkeys, etc. forced to endure horrible living conditions before their slow torturous deaths. I bet those animals would take a headache that only lasts a couple of hours over anything they've suffered ANY day!

I just can't get the image of the emaciated, helpless cow being pushed along with a fork-lift in the news story we ran a few weeks ago, nor the pitiful screams of the cows being prodded with a stick charged with electricity, out of my head. No way am I going to make any animal suffer like THAT in order to please my palate. No way.
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