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Meet Provenance

So I had an idea, not sure how well this is going to work, and I reserve the right to abandon my project at any time if it doesn't work out - I have like half a dozen blogs I keep, all of which I love, but I hardly ever post to any of them!

Well I thought, since this is my main blog, when I get bored and need a different interface or want to publish in a different mood, I can post the link to that entry from the other blog here! Brilliant!

I just don't know how much work that's going to wind up being, especially with all the troubles we have with the computers and the internet connection at work. And I rarely have time after I get home from work to take care of that stuff. Then again, I could tend to it before I leave for work, like when I'm sitting down having breakfast.

But I digress. So here's my inaugural post for what I hope will be many more to come. I'm sure this will be a process of refining and streamlining, and prettifying as time goes by, so bear with me.

To read my post about gardening in my Provenance blog on Blogger, click here.
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