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A Green Entry

Here are some of the things I'm doing to make everyone's lives greener, and/or reduce my carbon footprint:

  • As much as my community will allow me to (currently Cape Coral is not recycling paperboard like cereal boxes, but they do recycle ALL plastics which is wicked cool). I just generally try to reduce all my waste in general. I take great pride in the fact that for a household of 3 adults we only put one bag of garbage out to the curb each week!

    The only thing I'm not doing that I wish I was is, recycling organic kitchen waste like fruit and vegie scraps, coffee grounds, that type of thing. If I was gardening and composting that's what I'd do with those.

  • Ride my bike/take the bus
  • I don't ride my bike ALL the way to work. I ride it to the bus stop, about 1.5 miles down the road, put my bike on the bike rack on the front of the bus, take the bus to the mall, and then ride my bike from the mall to work. I live 10 miles from my job and I don't have to drive a car. Is it time-consuming? Yes. It also requires a bit more physical effort besides the joy of actually pedaling the bike. But it is so worth it. Especially when I look around me at the other people riding the bus with me and I count heads and say to myself, "Okay, this is x number of cars NOT on the road right now!"

  • But if you MUST drive a car, take a look at this article.

    Cut my water usage
  • This is a biggie for me - I've actually reduced my shower time. One thing I've always done even before I cut my shower time in half is turn the water off while I'm shampooing, conditioning, and lathering up. And when I shave my legs I fill up an empty sherbet container (it's about a gallon size) with water and rinse my razor in that. I will do anything to NOT leave the water running. But seriously, it used to take me an hour or more in the shower, so I didn't shower every day (also to save water). Don't ask me what I did in there; I blame the luxurious mesh sponge, quite frankly. That sponge created the 'spa' effect for me, so I think I would stand under the running water longer. Now I just use my hands and a washcloth, and leave the mesh sponge for once a week pampering time. On the days I don't wash my hair it only takes me about 15 minutes to shower - I couldn't imagine that a few months ago! (On the days I DO wash my hair it takes me about 30 minutes. I have long hair.)

    I also don't run the dishwasher UNLESS it's full. This way I only run it 2 or 3 times a week.

  • Go Vegetarian
  • This is something most people don't even realize: eating a vegetarian, preferably vegan diet. It is proven that factory farms are FAR MORE DAMAGING to the environment than car emissions from big cities - not to mention what it does to the poor defenseless creatures that must endure the hardship on those farms so we can enjoy a tasty dinner night after night after night. I'm essentially not against eating meat; I'm just against those factory farms. Believe me, if I knew it was coming from a humane farm I'd go right back to eating beef and poultry without a second thought. I probably wouldn't eat it as much, but I would eat it.

  • Is transitioning to a vegetarian diet difficult? Yes it sure is. I won't deny that. But you can do it! Do it gradually; do it all at once. Do it in a way that YOU are comfortable with. Great tips if you click on this link here.

    Ultimately, I think nothing else will reduce global warming, nor preserve the planet's resources, nor produce more progressive, future-reaching technology quite like being neighborly - to everyone, world-wide - and treating ALL of earth's living creatures with respect and love. I'm not against corporate enterprise - I think it's quite a worthy ambition when used properly, and I think it's safe to say there are many companies out there that are in fact quite progressive and treat their employees well. The simple fact is some people come into this world with enough energy to run corporations. Good for them. All I ask is that they do it for the greater good, or at least keep themselves in check. It is possible to run a large corporation and not abuse those who work for you, and even to lead a humble life.

    So please America, I'm begging you: let's all work together on this quality of life thing, shall we?
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