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Last night in our nightly ritual of watching Stargate SG-1 with our dinner after I get home from work, we watched the episode, "Threads" from season 8. It was really complex and deep and multi-layered, which I really appreciated. Even the soap opera parts were done really well I thought. This episode dealt with major, major turning points for all 4 characters, all in one episode, and it wasn't even a 2-parter! HA!

Sam all by herself had 2 major life issues to deal with: buying her first house with her fiancee and her father dying. I especially appreciated the scene where her fiancee called her when she was in the middle of a briefing with Gen. O'Neill, Teal'c, Master Bra'tac, and her father. Her cell phone goes off and she gets this look of horror on her face, while she looks very uncomfortable pulling her phone out of her pocket, looking at the caller ID, and turning it off, apologizing profusely throughout. She looks positively mortified, almost too much to. They resume the meeting, nobody looks even remotely bothered by her phone ringing except for her, and a few minutes later Walter comes in and interrupts the meeting to tell Gen. O'Neill that Col. Carter has a phone call. Sam walks to the back of the room to take the call and the meeting resumes in the foreground. You can hear hushed parts of Sam's phone conversation like, "This is not a good time," before the POV cuts put her in the foreground, and she tells her caller, "I don't know, it might be an hour, it might be all day." She quickly hangs up the phone and takes her place at the table, apologizing profusely again.

I think my favorite part of all involved the scenes with Teal'c and Master Bra'tac as they grappled with their new life as free Jaffa. Teal'c had to maintain some semblance of reality even to Master Bra'tac about just how free the rebel Jaffa were. Teal'c cautioned in one scene that although they managed to take over Dakara successfully, the Goa'uld were far from dead. Earlier however, in the scene where Tolok (Isaac Hayes) knights Teal'c and Master Bra'tac "Blood Kin", they turn around and walk up the steps from inside the temple and before they get all the way out they stop, their eyes wide as saucers, their jaws paused mid-sentence, and the next edit reveals what halted them: the view of thousands and thousands of free Jaffa waiting to behold the 2 men who made their freedom possible. Powerful stuff, that.

Finding out O'Neill had a girlfriend was rather tantalizing, and that line of thought became even more dynamic when Sam enters the scene and just as she's about to stammer out her feelings to him, in walks Kerry (the new g/f) stage right and declares, "Well this is awkward." Talk about a double entendre! This was a brilliant line, because you find out what Kerry was referring to in her next line which went something like, "We didn't want to tell anyone because of our positions at the base..." Just as Sam is about to decline staying for ribs her phone rings, only this time it's her dad, who is in the infirmary.

Sam's dad is dying - had been dying, it turns out, but he didn't want to tell her because he didn't want to ruin her wedding. Selmak was too far gone in order to save Jacob ... I actually teared up during this scene, and Jacob isn't even my favorite satellite character. By the end of this part of last night's story O'Neill was by Sam's side and Sam says to him, "Thank you, sir."
"For what?"
"For being here for me."
"Always," Jack replies as he holds her in his arms. Awwww.... not too sure how I feel about this turn of events. Part of me wants to see Sam and Jack get together, but part of me was also relieved to see both of them get involved with people outside of SG-1, too.

Anyway, THEN there's the whole business going on with Daniel in the diner of eternal ascension with Oma, some seemingly oblivious ancients and - Anubis! What??? Yeah, Glenn called that one WAAAAAY before it ever became obvious (sometimes it drives me nuts that he's so perceptive about these things, he's been calling a LOT of these plot devices for the last few weeks now). The way Daniel goes about trying to get some answers from Oma, who is portrayed as a floozy waitress (although she certainly doesn't act like one), and the ancients who are portrayed as elderly people sitting around the diner eating, and this one large, good-natured guy named 'Jim' played by George Dzundza. Jim and Oma are the only ones who will talk to Daniel. It becomes clear that Oma doesn't approve of Jim, and Daniel spends a good portion of his scenes in the diner trying to figure out why. As Daniel talks to Jim, who is willing to answer Daniel's probing questions, the truth slowly begins to unravel about why Anubis is so difficult to defeat. One key question that Daniel asks is...

To be continued later...
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