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Another day, another diet triumph

Well, maybe not a complete triumph. Yesterday we had pizza at work. After that straight-up sugar "dessert" was brought out. And I'm not usually one to eat pizza with any drink other than a Coke or Pepsi. But somehow I did it: I limited myself to just the pizza, which was delicious by the way. Otherwise I continue to stick to as much raw food as I can, i.e., fruits, vegetables and nuts and seeds at this point.

However (and this is where it's less of a triumph), last night before going to bed I did indulge in a generous bowl of sherbet, but at least it didn't have any HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) in it. It was also delicious. Wal-Mart's generic "Great Value" brand orange sherbet is, well, the bomb.

But it's not a bomb pop. Now THIS is a bomb pop!

Yeah, so I woke up feeling quite groggy this morning, and I'm sure that's why, because of the super-sugary orange sherbet.

More later...